Monday, October 28, 2013

Walk-in Registration

Yes!  There will be walk-in registration starting at 9:15am for anyone who has not registered by mail. :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Informal Pokemon Meet Up Added To Schedule

From 10-11am there will be a Pokeman Meet Up for anyone who is interested - Informal meet up - Come and bring your DS or 3DS and/or any Pokemon cards to trade, battle or play together.  We'll bring some decks to loan out for those who want to learn how to battle with the Pokemon cards but might not have their own decks.  You can bring some plush Pokemon too to say hello, not sure if ours will be too shy or not. 

Joyce's Unschooling Toolbox Cards

5 of Joyce's "Unschooling Toolbox Cards" will be available for sale at the mini-conference. The ones that are available for purchase are the brightly hued cards without the tea tin. They are ten dollars each. Please let me know if you would like me to hold one for you. If we run out or you prefer the ones that come with the tea tin, you can order directly from Joyce.  :)

Joyce Fetteroll's "Unschooling Toolbox Cards "

The Unschooling Toolbox is a set of 48 business-sized cards, each with an unschooling idea on front *and* back (so 96 thoughts total), plus a magnet.

Each day pull out a new card and attach it with the magnet somewhere you'll run across it several times a day (like your refrigerator).

The deluxe version comes with a tea tin and has a memory stone to carry in your pocket. So if there's an idea you're having trouble remembering to do in the moment, you put the memory stone in your pocket to remind you.

Some sample Unschooling Toolbox ideas.

* The right answer isn’t as important as trying things out to discover what is right for them.
* If they can’t say no, then you aren’t really asking.
* Build meeting your own needs into your day. You have that power!
* Unschooling is about creating an environment in which natural learning can flourish. — Sandra Dodd
* Why not?

Two options for the cards (WITHOUT the tea tin and stone):

$7 for buff/oak tag/manila folder color card stock (limited supply)

$10 for brightly-hued card stock (colors vary). (They're also available bilingual in English/Portuguese, translated by Marta Pires and Alexandra Souza Lima Polikowsky.)

$5 extra (for postage) for tea tin and stone **WHEN** Joyce gets some more tea tins

Contact Joyce if you're interested:

Friday, October 11, 2013

The conference schedule is done (though subject to change if needed)!  Looks like we'll have a great, full day!

This year we'll have a small vending area.  Please contact me if you'd like to have a table.  There is no charge for being a vendor.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

ATC Supplies

For the Erika's awesome Artist Trading Card funshop, we'll need the materials listed below. 

Would anyone be able to bring some supplies? 

1. Colored paper of various weights and sizes. 
2. Old gift wrap, Magazines and Catalogs for collage cards.
3. Fabric scraps, Buttons and other sewing notions for embellishment.
4. Watercolor paints, Crayons, Colored Markers, Gel Pens, Colored Pencils etc.
5. Scissors, Paper Punches, Glue, Tape, etc. 
6. And any other Arts and Crafts supplies that you would like to share 
(Most Scrapbooking Supplies work well for making ATCs).

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Free To Learn" Book Discusson!

Pam Laricchia, author of "Free To Learn: five ideas for a joyful unschooling life," will be doing a book chat at the conference this year!

"Free to Learn" is an excellent resource as Pam explains unschooling concepts in a clear, understandable way.  Not only is this book great for those new to unschooling, but it may provide further clarity and reaffirmation for seasoned unschoolers.

If you would like to read the book ahead of time (which would be helpful), it can be ordered as an ebook for $2.99 or paperback for $9.99.