Nearby Things To Do and Where To Eat

Some things to check out during lunch break that are within walking distance: 

Across the street from the church is a playground.

Downtown is just a walk away with many shops including a place to buy penny candy (The Village Shop) a couple of places to buy ice cream (Camden Cone on Bay View Street and River Ducks on Mechanic Street where you can also buy food to feed the ducks for 50 cents).  You can get "kiddie sized" cones at River Ducks for a reasonable price. There is also a new candy shop on Bay View street.

The library has a wonderful children's room and space to run around in the nearby park and amphitheater.

Schooner boats will still be in the harbor and the view from the water is amazing!

Camden Vacation Link:

For ideas of things to do in the area (driving distance, some closer, some further away):

For more information and links, check out this page:

Merryspring Nature Center -

Places To Eat (on the more reasonably priced side): 

Camden House of Pizza - "Uncle Jeff" will make you feel at home!  The pizza restaurant is located on Mechanic Street.  Eat in or take out to the harbor or park and watch the boats.

French and Brawn - Old time corner store (corner of Elm St/Route 1 and Mechanic Street).  Fruits, deli, groceries, snacks, sandwiches made to order or pre-made, hot soups, breakfast and lunch specials, etc.  Artisan breads, some gluten-free breads and desserts.

Bagel Cafe - On Mechanic Street - Delicious bagels, soups and sandwiches.  Yogurt, juice, tea, coffee, water and other beverages. (note: closes at 2pm)

The Waterfront as well as Peter Otts are very nice and you can get sit on the docks.

Camden Deli is delicious and you can eat overlooking the water there too.

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