Growth and Connection Through Technology - Sarah Thompson 

Technology is just tools. When most of us think of technology as it relates to kids, we think of computers, tablets, and smart-phones. When I was my children's age, these things weren't a part of my world - we had an Apple 2GS in my fifth grade classroom. My parents bought a DOS-based 386 around that time that used five and a quarter inch floppy disks. We had two rotary telephones. It feels like a different world.

But it isn't. It's the same amazing world, with more toys, more tools, and more opportunities to grow, learn, and discover passions than ever before. Unlimited, unfiltered, fully parent-enabled computer technology has been a wonderful thing in my home, and I want to share my observations and process of growth as a parent in the digital age. 

Unschooling Teens - Cara Barlow and Marti Kennedy 

Are you curious about what will happen when your child hits the teen years, or are you thinking about pulling your teen out of school? Do you have questions like: Will they miss the high school experience? Will they be able to attend college? How do we help them navigate relationships? 

Cara and Marti are unschooling moms of teens. Marti has a son who is 15 years old that she pulled from school and started unschooling at age 12. Cara is the long-time unschooling mom of daughters ages 17 and 19. They will give a short overview of their experiences and what they think are important themes to keep in mind while unschooling your teens.  

Working and Unschooling - Cara Barlow

Join me for a circle chat about working and unschooling. We can share experiences, talk about logistics and ways to transition back into full-time work (if that's something you want to do!) after years of being home with children. I was out of the full-time workforce for 17 years, returning a little over two years ago.

Deschooling – Aimee Gerbie and Sara Yasner

Are you beginning your unschooling journey? Do you have worries about the unknown or wonder how you could unschool something as necessary and complex as math? How can you learn to trust your child? In this session you will be encouraged to ask questions as we talk about how to move slowly towards unschooling and why every step forward makes a difference.

You Don't Have To - Laurie Wolfrum

Are you coaxing your child to sit and do math or write an essay? 
Is it affecting your relationship? There are alternatives! We’ll talk about how to help your child pursue their passions, how learning happens, and the role of a parent in an unschooling home.

Trust and Being Human - Heather Newman

Unschooling looks different for every family and there are innumerable options available for this lifestyle. With no set formula to follow, trust in yourself, your partner, and most importantly, your children is essential. Let's examine the challenges and joys of letting go of our fears and embracing that trust.

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