Monday, November 4, 2013

Many Thanks!!

The conference may be over, but the good feelings are lingering.

I am so grateful for so much help!

Thank you to everyone who brought snacks and drinks to share!

Thank you to Kathryn, Beth, Erika and Makana for painting many tiny white boxes for a funshop!

Thank you to Erika for helping me set up the church very late on Friday night!  And to Makana who put flowers and other items on the snack table that night too!

Thank you to all the presenters and funshop leaders for sharing their stories and themselves!  You are what makes the day engaging, informative and inspiring!

Thank you to Aimee and Kim for greeting everyone and handling the walk-in registration!

Thanks to Heather for helping with funshops and the snack table!

Thanks to Cara for helping with the play doh and legos funshops!

Thank you to Trevor who drove my kids when they needed to come to the conference or go home and who helped carry Li's computer!

Thank you to Brent for watching the registration table so I could hear part of a talk in the other room!

Thank you to Dave for taping the presentations again!

And thanks to Kathryn, Beth, Erika, Cara, Heather, the Bradstreets, Trevor and Makana for help in cleaning up!  I hope I didn't miss anyone!

And thank you to those who came so that we may all connect and open our hearts and minds by asking questions, sharing stories and ideas, and encouraging each other in a supportive environment. <3   

And thank you to my family as organizing a conference is a lot of work - good work, but a lot of work!