Sunday, November 22, 2015

Aimee Gerbie and Sara Yasner's Deschooling Handout

Helpful Books and Resources


Radical Unschooling by Dayna Martin
Deschooling Gently by Tammy Takahashi
Zenschooling by Tammy Takahashi
Parenting for Social Change by Teresa Graham Brett
Unschooling by Sandra Dodd
Free to Learn: five ideas for a joyful unschooling life by Pam Laricchia
Free To Learn by Peter Gray
Free Range Learning by Laura Grace Weldon
How Children Learn, How Children Fail, Teach Your Own, Learning All The Time...basically anything by John Holt--he’s great!


Facebook Groups:
  • Whole Life Unschooling
  • Project-Based Homeschooling (This is not an unschooling group in the advice-sense, but it a really fun collection of project ideas and cool things to do.)
  • Peaceful Parenting/Unschooling Support (Large, closed group of unschoolers willing to share fun stuff and support.)
  • Radical Unschooling Info (Read the information in the pinned post at the top of the page. Read only for quite a while before posting.)
  • ShineWithUnschooling (This is a Yahoo Group.)


If you have some time and a bit of travel money, attending conferences is absolutely THE BEST way to find other families living this lifestyle. 

In this area, the Northeast Unschooling Conference is held at the end of August in MA. 

This year, there is a new one called Life Without Instructions and it will be just outside of New York City over the first week of October.  

If you want to travel a bit, the Un in the Sun unschooling conference will be in St. Petersburg, FL at the end of October. 

Life Is Good is in Vancouver in May.  

There is a Unschoolers Waterpark gathering in Ohio in May every year that is supposed to be fantastic.  We hope to go next May!

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